Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Training Regime

We are not attempting to challenge Lance Armstrong's Tour De France record. Whilst we are taking the training seriously we are unfortunately not enjoying the post ride massages and eating gargantuan bowls of pasta for breakfast! Neither are we about to become teetotallers.

At present, our longest rides are between 50 and 60 miles but these will increase to 100 miles as we near the event. I am cycling on three further days and attending the gym once each week and also fitting in one six mile run with the dog on a Saturday. I allow myself Monday as a day of complete rest in order to appease the wife and rest the muscles.

I have a turbo trainer set up in my conservatory, whilst pedalling away my children and dog watch from the other side of the glass. It is obvious from their expressions that they think I am a complete nutter (He is - Ed.)


At 4:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think you are making things hard for yourself trying to do it holding on to your kids !!


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