Friday, May 19, 2006

The Ride - Day 11 (19th May '06)

Where does my love lie, in the middle of nowhere.

Only 56 miles today but all 56 in to a headwind! Easy pace with a few silly antics on the hills. I backed off a bit as I was in danger of seeing my breakfast of haggis and black pudding again. Loch Naver was beautiful but the wind intensified and then on the 922nd mile I punctured for the first time. We arrived at Bettyhill on the North coast of Britain and have just seen the first sign for John O'Groats. Typically our hotel was at the top of a bloody great hill. Feeling a great sense of excitement and achievement as our journey is almost complete.

Only one more day to get to that desolate shore....

Mark making friends at The Crask Inn, the second most remote pub in Britain!


At 9:19 am, Blogger Disco Dave Twodecks said...

Dusty Springfield, at last something worth banging on about. Not sure where you've got the speakers on that old bike of yours but am pleased that you are listening to some good music whilst on that trip of yours. Not sure that the hat quite suits you.
Wind is a terible thing, my old aunt used to eat charcoal to keep it at bay.
Possibly having a big breakfast didn't help much. When you're banging on about headwinds and stuff, is that like bad breathe?


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