Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Ride - Day 2 (10th May '06)

Left Liskeard and headed in to Tavistock, where we had our sheets stamped in the Post Office. Then we were sent the wrong way and had to back track!

Dartmoor is a bastard, I would have preferred to have been in the prison! Devon has proved equally hilly as Cornwall .

Having avoided t-boning any sheep on Dartmoor we finally arrived in Exeter. The last 20 miles to our overnight stop were, thankfully, a good deal less lumpy!

The picture is me taking a well earned break. Today's distance 78 miles @ 13.8mph - 5 hours 34mins in the saddle.


At 9:05 am, Blogger Disco Dave Twodecks said...

Now, about those sheep Steve. Noticed a distinct lack of wellies in the photo. I am beginning to wonder whether you have the balance right in your life missing an opportunity like that, unlike you.


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